Pet Veterinary Services in Ayrshire

At MBM we provide full preventative care to keep your pets in good health throughout their lives, but if illness or accident should occur our small animal vets have great knowledge and experience. 

We are well equipped to perform medical investigations, general and advanced surgery, and we take referrals in ophthalmology, cardiology, acupuncture and selected surgical cases. All pets that stay overnight have twenty-four hour veterinary supervision and nursing care. Our friendly nurses are always available for advice and offer a variety of free health clinics.

We are happy to complete your insurance paperwork without charge and if you are eligible you can access the PDSA PetAid scheme at all of our branches.

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Our pet services include:

Digital radiography; Ultrasonography; Endoscopy; In house laboratory testing; Echocardiography and ECG; Blood pressure measurement; Sedation and general anaesthesia; General and routine surgery; Soft tissue and reconstructive surgery; Orthopaedic surgery; Advanced ophthalmic surgery; Dentistry including dental radiography.

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  • Nurse Clinics Nurse Clinics A free service to clients; weight clinics, arthritis clinics, senior clinics and dental advice are all provided by our friendly nursing team.
  • Radiography Radiography Digital radiography providing excellent quality images, with a separate dental x-ray machine.
  • Ultrasound scanners Ultrasound scanners Allowing the imaging of internal organs to complement radiographic images.
  • Endoscopes Endoscopes A variety of endoscopes allowing video-endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract.
  • Laboratory Laboratory Our in house laboratory run by the veterinary nurses allows rapid results of blood tests, urinanalysis and cytology providing an excellent service to our patients.
  • Cardiology Cardiology We offer a referral service in cardiology as Mrs K Garven has a certificate in veterinary cardiology. Facilities include echocardiography with Doppler, ECG and radiography.
  • Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Mr McKenzie has a certificate in veterinary ophthalmology allowing us to offer a referral service in opthalmology.
  • Dentistry Dentistry We have a separate dental room with dental radiography facilities, and ultrasonic scalers.
  • General Surgery General Surgery 2 operating theaters, piped oxygen and anesthetic gases, anesthetic monitoring equipment, and a range of orthopedic equipment.
  • Acupuncture Acupuncture Mrs J Morris provides acupuncture, which is generally well tolerated by dogs and cats, and can help greatly to ease pain in a variety of conditions.
  • Puppy Playgroups Puppy Playgroups Puppy Playgroups are run by APDT trainers, and assist you with training your young dogs.
  • Separate Isolation Kennel Separate Isolation Kennel Incubator to provide a controlled environment for oxygen, temperature and humidity for intensive care of smaller animals.
  • Separate Dog & Cat Kennels Separate Dog & Cat Kennels Minimizing stress for patients.